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Steering COMMITTEE Members

Kiran Sihra


Employer: AXA Insurance

Job title: Senior Underwriter

Why are you involved in ICAN: iCAN presented an opportunity to work together with employee resource groups, networks and allies from across the insurance industry to drive positive, inclusive change. I am passionate about mentoring and coaching, having had some fantastic mentors over the years, and delivering a successful mentoring scheme through iCAN is a key priority.


ajay mistry


Employer: Brokerbility

Job title: Partnerships Director

Why are you involved in ICAN: The longevity of our industry depends on reflecting our clients and customers and there is a very clear business case as to why we should be focusing on BAME initiatives such as iCAN. I am also on the Steering Committee for TNON BAME / Multicultural (The Network of Networks) and through my work here I can see the real value of the networks and the changes a network can make to someone’s career. I am passionate about this area and really encourage people to get involved!


Heather Armond

Employer: Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty

Job title: Global Head of Internal Communications

Why are you involved in ICAN: Our customers are diverse and reflect all aspects of our society - it is important for us to ensure that our industry takes this into account in how they do business, both internally and externally.


Kishan Mangat

Employer: DWF LLP

Job title: Solicitor

Why are you involved in ICAN: To work with talented volunteers in creating a cross-industry network which seeks to promote a more inclusive industry for those from a multicultural background.


GAreth Mutema

Employer: Midway Insurance Services Ltd

Job title: Accounts Executive

Why are you involved in ICAN:I am involved with iCan to help tackle the lack for representation of leaders form culturally diverse backgrounds, lack of multicultural specific Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s) and lack of role models from a multicultural background. Also to work with mentors and interract with like minded individuals who see the benefit of a diverse and inclusive industry.


Nick Borzenko

Employer: Aon UK Limited

Job title: Senior Internal Auditor

Why are you involved in ICAN:I am involved in iCAN because I would like to work in a truly diverse and inclusive environment and I am passionate about the goals we’ve set ourselves. I believe we can work together to develop lasting mentor/mentee relationships, that could be life-changing.


Gursh Baryah

Employer: Chubb

Job title: Claims Client Relationship Manager

Why are you involved in ICAN:Whilst the insurance industry is starting to realise the importance of Diversity & Inclusion and taking this more seriously, conversations about race, religion and cultural diversity are still largely unaddressed. I feel there is more we should be doing to increase the cultural awareness of our industry and to ensure we are bringing in and developing the best talent from all different backgrounds. As well as setting up a Cultural Awareness Network at Chubb, being part of iCAN has given me the opportunity to share ideas, broaden my network and hopefully make a difference on a larger scale.


Georgina weekes

Employer: Marsh

Job title: Aggregate Exposure Analyst

Why are you involved in ICAN: I am on the Steering Committee for iCan because I would like everyone to be afforded the same opportunities across the board. From a young age, I was taught that there are good people and bad people in the world that can only be judged based on their actions as a person not on what they look like. I believe we should only look to judge someone based on merits; our successes and failures determine who we are - irrespective of a characteristic or a label someone may assign you.