Steering COMMITTEE Members

Kishan Mangat


Employer: DWF LLP

Job title: Senior Associate

Why are you involved in iCAN: To work with talented volunteers in creating a cross-industry network which seeks to promote a more inclusive industry for those from a multicultural background.


ajay mistry


Employer: Brokerbility

Job title: Partnerships Director

Why are you involved in iCAN: The longevity of our industry depends on reflecting our clients and customers and there is a very clear business case as to why we should be focusing on BAME initiatives such as iCAN. I am also on the Steering Committee for TNON BAME / Multicultural (The Network of Networks) and through my work here I can see the real value of the networks and the changes a network can make to someone’s career. I am passionate about this area and really encourage people to get involved!

Maxine Goddard

Employer: Zurich Insurance

Job title: UK Head of Strategic Delivery

Why are you involved in iCAN:I'm delighted to be a member of the iCAN committee this year, to help drive our grassroots cultural diversity efforts across the industry; but most empowering for me is being able to freely and openly offer coaching & mentoring and career development support to our increasingly wide range of BAME colleagues, of all ages and business areas. I’m an advocate of developing people and challenging thinking;  so it is a pleasure to help our rich talent to navigate, to succeed & reach their top potential. Helping each other is extremely fulfilling but importantly it is just simply good for our business. Particularly and personally, having a mentor throughout each stage of my career has been instrumental in opening my eyes (and ears) to overcoming obstacles. I was inspired to make sure I share these same opportunities with my BAME colleagues who want to learn from my experiences.”

Heather Armond

Employer: Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty

Job title: Global Head of Internal Communications

Why are you involved in iCAN: Our customers are diverse and reflect all aspects of our society - it is important for us to ensure that our industry takes this into account in how they do business, both internally and externally.


Nick Borzenko

Employer: Markel

Job title: Senior Internal Auditor

Why are you involved in iCAN:I am involved in iCAN because I would like to work in a truly diverse and inclusive environment and I am passionate about the goals we’ve set ourselves. I believe we can work together to develop lasting mentor/mentee relationships, that could be life-changing.

Glody makiese

Employer: Lloyd's

Job title: Data Products & Service Developer

Why are you involved in iCAN:I want to work towards not only attracting more people from BAME backgrounds into the industry, but also retaining their talent and helping them lead successful, long term careers. This will help create a more inclusive and multicultural environment across the industry, and I believe iCAN can play a key role towards this objective.


GAreth Mutema

Employer: Churchill Insurance Consultants Ltd

Job title: Senior Account Handler: Property & Commercial

Why are you involved in iCAN: I am involved in iCAN to help tackle the lack of representation of leaders from culturally diverse backgrounds, lack of multicultural specific Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s) and lack of role models from a multicultural background. Also to work with mentors and interract with like minded individuals who see the benefit of a diverse and inclusive industry.

Elisha st hilaire

Employer: AON

Job title: Project Manager

Why are you involved in iCAN: Having spent the last six years advocating for gender equality, I now feel it is time to get involved in driving change where BAME talent is concerned. Being a mixed race person, I have a shared interest in making sure organisations across the industry have better representation of BAME talent together with ensuring inclusive environments for BAME talent to thrive. Inclusion starts with I and if not me, then who?

Natalia zurowski

Employer: Synechron

Job title: Lead - Marketing

Why are you involved in iCAN: I want people from all backgrounds, races and walks of life to have the same opportunity for success. I believe people are the most important part of any organisation and creating a diverse and inclusive environment is imperative for any business. ICAN is here to prove that we can create a better and more positive working environment for all and I want to be a part of that change. I can, you can, we can, make a difference.